Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Pet Wellness Visits

Our pets age significantly faster than we do. For example, the average dog’s lifespan is approximately 1/6 of the average human’s lifespan. As adults, we often get annual check-ups for various aspects of our health and well-being, including eye exams, dental exams, and physicals. Our pets needs regular wellness visits too, especially because their aging process moves so much faster. At Sylvan Veterinary Hospital, we recommend regular wellness visits for pets so that we can check their eyes, eyes, and teeth, as well as their physical appearance and function. We do a thorough nose-to-tail check that includes checking reflexes, considering weight changes, checking for parasites and health conditions, and even vaccinations. We consider these visits to be important when your pet is young and healthy as well as when they are older. These checks help us to establish your pet’s baseline health so that we are better equipped to identify when they have developed a health problem of any kind.

How long has it been since your pet had a wellness examination? We recommend that you contact our team to find out and schedule your pet for their next visit right away. Your pet’s health is our primary concern, and we need to see your pet in order to make sure their body is in excellent working condition!